Farmers Reached

Farmers Reached by myAgro

myAgro expects to see the number of farmers enrolling in myAgro to continue to increase – a reflection of myAgro’s effective outreach practices, and more farmers understanding the value of savings and investing in their farms.

Impact per Farmer

50% to 100%

increase in harvest yield per hectare

$150 to $300

in additional farming income per year

myAgro is working to increase the direct economic impact of our program to over $550 per farmer in the next few years to move each farmer above the poverty line.

Maimouna“I joined myAgro because I can save little by little by buying scratch cards as soon as I have extra cash. Being able to pay via myAgro for inputs benefits not only me, but also my family in the long run… If you have a good harvest, you have many choices.”

– Maimouna, mother of 6 and grandmother of 20

Mariam“Before I was myAgro client, I used to produce no more than 3 bags of peanuts…The myAgro fertilizer, but also the new seeding techniques and the assistance of myAgro’s field agent made a real difference. I noticed that putting small amounts of money aside wasn’t difficult at all. I am confident that I will be able to reach my goals.”

– Mariam, 30-year-old mother of 6

Long Term Impact

Year over year, myAgro expects to see the real income earned by farmers who plant with myAgro increase as they complete their savings goals, buy high-quality inputs and plant using better techniques.

In the long-term, myAgro envisions its model for change spurring structural shifts in two arenas: how governments and multilaterals fund the agricultural sector, and how the financial inclusion sector provides services to smallholder farmers. When myAgro can demonstrate the power of mobile layaway to serve farmers and the bottom of the pyramid, there will be a major disruption in traditional antipoverty strategies for the sector at large. When financing is self-directed from smallholder farmers themselves, it is, by definition, sustainable. The market will react to this unlocked capital by providing better and more useful services or products.