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myAgro’s model is increasingly cost efficient year over year. In the last financial year (ending June 2016), myAgro reduced its cost to lift a farmer out of poverty by 25% and reached 38% field sustainability. In addition, myAgro earns a product margin of 20%+ on each agricultural package, which at scale will ensure the myAgro program in the field is fully sustainable. myAgro expects to reach full sustainability in the field by 2021 when it scales to serve 225,000 farmers.

Donor support will be increasingly directed to identify ways to increase impact, e.g. expanding to new poverty zones, developing new farming tools to help farmers grow more food, researching new seed and fertilizer variations that lead to greater nutritional gains for rural children, and helping farmers adopt planting and harvesting techniques that build their resilience against climate change.

Supporters and Awards

myAgro is supported by foundations, corporations, and individuals around the world who want to end poverty for the largest group of poor people in our lifetime: hardworking smallholder farmers. We are grateful to our donors, and are proud to have been selected for the following awards and recognitions:

Big Bang Philanthropy

Echoing Green


Millennium Challenge Corporation

Pop Tech

The Tech Awards



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