Our Story

Our story includes the histories, energy and hard work of hundreds of small-scale farmers like Minata, Sekou and Moussa. It’s made up of energetic team members and dedicated volunteers.

What connects us is simple: we believe small-scale farmers can move out of poverty by growing enough food for their families and their country. The way they can do this is by being able to take something that usually is a really big one-time cost – fertilizer and seed – and making it possible to pay for it up front, in small and flexible layaway payments. Anyone – from an 18 year old planting his own field for the first time to a grandmother growing food for the generations living in her home can participate. By investing in quality inputs, farmers can double their harvests and reliably grow enough food for their families to eat all year.

We’re just getting started and our story is still unfolding. Join us!

July 2011

  • Anushka Ratnayake, myAgro’s founder moves to Mali to set up myAgro
  • Dr. Oumar Niangado, Syngenta Foundation’s West Africa Delegate joins myAgro’s board of advisors

August 2011

  • Faso Kaba, an innovative and locally-based seed company partners with myAgro boosting our “cred” with farmers.

September 2011

  • We sign agreements with the mayors and village chiefs of the communes and villages where we pilot myAgro
  • myAgro’s founder is selected as a Rainer Arnhold Fellow

October 2011

  • We launch in 3 villages: Sanambele, Bougoula and Falan villages December 2011
  • We open a myAgro store in Dialakoroba commune on market days to test a “myAgro light” approach to reaching more farmers
  • myAgro earns a catalyst grant from Mulago Foundation for $50,000

May 2012

  • We deliver fertilizer and seed to over 280 farmers who have successfully reached their planting goals

June 2012

  • Farmers begin planting after strong rains, and follow myAgro planting techniques.
  • myAgro’s founder is chosen to be a 2012 Echoing Green Fellow
  • We collect our 2000th SMS payment

More yet to come!