Photo of the Week: Motivation from a myAgro Intern

Every summer, myAgro hires over 180 short term agricultural interns in Senegal to work with farmers during the planting season and help them learn and apply myAgro’s planting methods.

Amadou Ba is a highly-motivated intern from Tambacounda who has worked with myAgro every planting season since 2015. His passion for his work shows in the effort he puts forth, like this list he created of 8 steps to follow every day in his work with farmers:

  1. Have a good attitude
  2. Keep the good attitude
  3. Be prepared
  4. Be punctual
  5. Work for eight hours
  6. Respect your schedule
  7. Stay in control, physically and mentally
  8. Have goals

Amadou looks over these steps every morning before work and shares them with other interns and field agents to motivate them as well. He follows these steps because they help him to most effectively communicate with farmers, which is his favorite part of the work.

“As an intern, I have a great relationship with the farmers. I know I’m having a positive impact on them because I help them whenever they need help, checking up on them to ensure they have a good harvest. I can tell they’re very satisfied,” he says.