Photo of the Week: More Power to the Women

Astou Diouf is the president of a 30-member women’s savings group in the district of Tiadiaye, Senegal. All 30 of the women in her group enrolled with myAgro this year and received a package for 3 hectares of peanut fertilizer to split amongst themselves. Diouf is excited to have planted her field this year using fertilizer.

“Before myAgro, we couldn’t get fertilizer because we’re women,” she explains, “when the village chief receives it from the state, he decides who gets it. And most of the time, it’s given to men.”

Diouf laughs as she recounts how the men in her village react to the success of her group.

“The men all want to join myAgro,” she says, “Every time they see a woman’s field, they say ‘ah we want to join next year!’”