Photo of the Week: Already Seeing the Sorghum!

Look at that sorghum! Diakardia is smiling because he can see a huge difference in his field planted with myAgro compared to the neighboring non-myAgro fields. He works as a myAgro vendor selling scratch cards to farmers, but he is also a myAgro farmer himself! This year, Diakardia enrolled for a whole hectare of sorghum because, according to him, “Sorghum tastes better than corn, the seeds last longer, plus I can use the leaves to feed my animals,” he says.

Sorghum is a new product that myAgro offered this season. Not only do the seeds last longer, but sorghum is more drought resistant than corn. A good sorghum harvest can help ensure food security for farmers, even in the case of insufficient rainfall.

With a big harvest, vendors/farmers like Diakardia use the income to support their families while also reinvesting in their boutiques. “I use some of my profits to meet my family’s needs, like if someone is sick or if there is a ceremony like a wedding or funeral. But I also use part to buy things like salt, rice, and sugar for my boutique.”