Why Mali

Our pilot is is in Dialakoroba and Bougoula Communes, 1.5 hours south of Bamako. Our goal is to expand throughout Mali and West Africa.

Mali is one the 10 poorest countries in the world and recently was listed as number 175 on the UN’s Human Development Index. 51% of the population lives on under $1.25/day and 68% live in severe poverty.

Despite these challenges, Mali is also a great place for opportunity. Bamako is the fastest growing city in Africa and the 6th fastest growing country in the world. The average Malian farmer has around 5 hectares of land (10 acres) which makes them well-placed to be mini-agribusinesses – where a small investment can make a big return.

Malian farmers, if connected to the right inputs, markets and affordable financial services, can get out poverty, and help feed a growing country and region in the process.