We measure the same things we care about!

1)    How much are village vendor and farm businesses growing due to myAgro products and services?

  • How much more income do village vendors earn each year?
  • How much more income do farmers earn each year?

2)    What’s great about the myAgro model is that we can actually see real income earned by tracking each myAgro package sold and how many bags of maize or sorghum we buy from farmers. It’s not a donation or a handout but the actual market place working in service to farmers and the vendors who work with them.

3)    Year over year, we expect to see the real income earned by myAgro village vendors and farmers increase as we get better at what we do and as farmers plant more since they have a better and more reliable market to sell their increased harvests.

Watch this space for real-time data on income earned by myAgro partners!